Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A New Day

Just stay one day ahead of yesterday.
~ Proverb

When all is failing.. when resources give way... when support dissipates... when the world seems against you and all you do.. remember the most precious gift you have been given.  You can believe and have faith that you will be given a new day, each day.  Forget the past.  Let go of what you have no power to change.  Clinging to regrets impedes your action in the future.  Focus on right now.  Take joy in the newness and the grace that you are given at the start of each day.

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  1. Cori,

    I'm so happy that you found my blog. Your paintings are amazing. I had a stressful day today and spending some time exploring here has put everything back into perspective.

  2. That's a great proverb! And beautiful painting!

  3. Wonderful and very true post, and a beautifully serene painting to go with it!

  4. That's the truth, sistah! Letting go of things we cannot change. So when I go to that "place" I create and my mind is totally back to the present and enjoying every delicious moment.

    Love the new header and of course, always love your art :)



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