Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Share: Blowing the Love in the Air Around

It's Happy Heart Week out in bloggy land!  Lots of red and pink and swirls and lovely deliciousness to go around!  Hope you enjoy these special treats I found this week!  Don't forget to post your finds this week and please take the Saturday Button available in the right sidebar if you have been featured either in this post or in the comments!

I started my week out with this lovely, easy, and inexpensive recipe and it warmed me up!  Jennefer is a supermom whose blog documents her journey as a homeschooling mom of 3 very special boys.

I found this delightful painting by Barbara Sailor and was so overjoyed by it's delicacy, depth, and slightly abstract quality.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  (Hint, hint dear husband... I'd take a painting like this any day over live roses!)

Lori Vliegen is one of the sweeetest blogging artists I've come across.  I love her simple little pieces that seem to tell me exactly what I need to hear on a given day.  You are painting these just for me, aren't you Lori?

A former preschool teacher and elementary art teacher, I've had my share of playing with construction paper... lots and lots of construction paper.  I honestly didn't think I could ever be inspired to pick the stuff up again.  Leave it to Alisa rekindle the curiosity!  With her philosophy of embracing simple art materials, Alisa is an artist to the core.  Thank you for all you do Alisa, for making art accessible to us all.

I stumbled across this little gem and  I don't really know the artist or whom they intended it for.  But I just love it!  Someone put a lot of work into expressing a moment.. and I love it's absolute simplicity!



  1. This post made me smile...Thanks for brightening my day! :)

    ~Pea ♥

  2. hi cori! what a wonderful collection of things to share! and i'm so honored to be included.......thank you SO much for the sweet surprise!! now how about we sit down and make some of those construction paper valentines and eat a nice bowl of warm tomato basil soup?!! xox


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