Monday, February 14, 2011

Music Monday: Closer to Me

I've been thinking a lot about why most of our music has a love theme.  You can find music about finding love, fighting in love, making love, falling out of love, remembering love, rekindling love... really any aspect of love.   Perhaps love is such a primary focus of music, because it may be the most primal experience for us as human beings.  We feel the breaking open of joy.  We feel the lack of control of anger.  We feel the devastation of loss.  Loving someone, and being loved by someone makes us see the best and worst parts in ourselves and in other people.  This depth... this inexpressible depth, is may be more easily expressed through music than by our words to each other.

Moreover, we use music to put ourselves in the state of love.  I don't mean we use music to coerce ourselves to fall in love.  But rather, music has a healing power, to bring us to that place were we feel safe and accepted, in tune with the world and living in harmony.  That is the place that love brings us as well.

So today I share with you a piece of love music meaningful to me.  I am personally drawn to music that can capture the message of love's ability to bring freedom, rather than captivity.

This one is dedicated to all those I've loved...


  1. Great song and great post. Thanks for sharing this with us. Shah. X

  2. Great song and post! :)

    ~Pea ♥


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