Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Sketch: Just a Spoonful

A pinch of joy
A dash of tenderness
A spoonful of affection
A heap of love

I received these lovely little heart shaped metal measuring spoons as a gift for participating in an art walk on Friday.  This was the first time I'd ever received a gift for participation in an event and it was so meaningful. (And needed, I always seem to be losing measuring spoons!)  And when I opened them up and saw the lovely saying on each handle I was overjoyed!  

I've been thinking a lot about little doses of goodness lately.  As a society, we are spending less and less time in direct contact with other people, with more time online. The platform  for speaking critically and expressing disdain about products, services, or issues has become more accesible which coincides with our value of free thinking and expression.  The downside of this is that it seems to be more difficult for people to develop impulse control with words.  The motto is "If I feel it, then I have a right to say it!" without any regard for how that could make other people feel.  And yes, behind every product, service, and organization, is a person somewhere.  We've forgotten that too.

But rather than running from the negative of the cyberworld in this area, let's turn this accessiblity into a positive!  Now, more than ever before, it is easy to deliver a "spoonful of sugar" to someone.  A mobile picture, a quick email, a complimentary tweet... they seem so small.. but to the recipient it may just be what is needed to turn a day from crummy to hopeful.  And for those of us in bloggerland, comments are food for our souls.  They really are the only way we have of knowing whether the images and words we put out into the world are valued.

If you enjoyed this sketch, please check out other Sunday Sketchers by visiting Sophia at The Blue Chair Diary.  Talk about a lovely group of people.  I always look forward to connecting with this group each week.

And... if you liked those little measuring spoons.. I happend to find the same ones on Amazon.  If you purchase through the link, a portion of the cost goes back to Sacred Arts Studio and the Friends in Healing community!


  1. wonderful sketch and lovely thought.

  2. Just beautiful and your description of what's in each spoon is great!

  3. Oh I wish I could take the credit for those sayings.. but they really are written on each spoon. So adorable!.. My eraser just couldnt get detailed enough to put the words in the sketch!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I really love your sketches, Cori. They always seem so simple but incredibly amazing. I wish I had HALF the talent you have. I love your post as well and how we can share just a spoonful of love, kindness, etc. to those around us.

    Happy SS! :)

  5. That is so kind, Sophia. It's all just practice! I'm not a natural by any means. And the way I see it.. they are just different styles. It takes skill to do the abstraction needed for illustration work like you do. Each line carries such weight. I just blend, blend, blend. Maybe I'm too shy for lines!

  6. Love you post today, you are so right on about people losing some important contact through the internet. This group and others like it are the exception to that. I love your sketch and the spoons are awesome.

  7. Hi Cori, lovely sketch. I remember when my kids were young i would make triple choclate layer cake in HEART pans. The cake always sagged in the middle,which was just fine with me:)

  8. Hi Cori,
    I so love your sketches. They are always so well done. Adorable hearts.
    I agree with your positive thoughts, a spoonful of sugar is indeed a great way to describe the comments and love felt through the bloggy world
    Great post!

  9. love those measuring spoons, just in time for Valentine's Day! And you made some good points about cyberspace.

  10. Time to bake some cookies! Seasonal! Totally up my alley!

  11. I love this - having been baking cupcakes it so fits!! perfect duet!
    cheers, dana

  12. such a sweet poem to go with your charming drawing.

  13. Oh, what a wonderful gift, splendid sketch... and thank you for such a meaningful post, reminding us all to take a moment to show our appreciation for those in our lives - cyber or otherwise.

  14. What a nice gift and I love your sketch too!

  15. wow man, u draw amazing. And that poem is nice too. :)

  16. Beautiful post! :)

    ~Pea ♥


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