Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Share: Good Lovin'

Got the screen door open, listening to some great Oldie's music and enjoying the freshness of the morning!  Is it really February?  Was it really just a little over a week ago that Dallas was shut down with ice and sleet?  Very odd!  I'm really looking forward to sharing these snippets from the bloggyworld and the internet I came across this week.  Thank you to several people who shared a few of these links with me!  If you happen to live somewhere that spring seems to cracking through the dregs of winter, open a window and sit down with me while you peruse!

I'm not sure exactly when I first started reading Sukie's blog, or how I even came across it.  Having left the Episcopalian priesthood, Sukie began pursuing writing and inner artist and sharing it with the us through her blog.  A former seminarian who also has struggled with both calling and faith and my artistic expression, Sukie has been one of those people I get excited to see a new post from!  Definitely a person worth following...

One of my FB friends shared this and I just had to pass it on.  Art becomes performance!  The pleasure of  moving color.  You gotta see this!  Thanks Angela!

This video of a squirrel protecting the body of his dead companion from ravaging crows plays like a Shakespearean  drama!  Geez, I want a friend like that!  I want to be a friend like that!

When I saw this post, I absolutely laughed with delight!  You have to see what Diane has done in the area where she drinks coffee each morning!  I do believe this may the most wonderful adult adaptation of childhood imaginary friends I've ever seen!  My creative mind is spinning...

Jennifer is a professional photographer and textile artist.  Check out this photo that was taken when she spent time volunteering at her children's school teaching children about photography. She set the camera but the children composed the shots and pressed click!  If there was one picture to sum up my entire philosophy of art and loving and learning, I think this might be it.  Her photography site is  which has the link to her blog.  

So those are my shares for the week!  Feel free to grab the button on the right bar if you've been mentioned.  Do you have any shares?


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  1. Oh Cori, thank you for making ME smile this morning!! I love being in the company with ALL of these other links (Loved that sweet squirrel :)


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