Monday, January 31, 2011

Music Monday: Release

Music has the unique power to bring us to an awareness of our feelings in an unfettered way.  Somehow it is acceptable to shed tears while listening to a Mahler symphony, the same tears we suppress when confronted with our own or another's pain.  Music informs us that we are creatures of feeling, that our feelings are valid, that there is nothing wrong about experiencing them.
Joanne Crandall, Self-Transformation through Music

Diffcult feelings that remain locked beneath the surface of our daily actions can increasingly block our true selves.  Even worse, we may begin to so identify with the feelings that we are withholding, that we begin to characterise these feelings as who we are, more than the feelings of our harmonious self.  Music is a potent vehicle for releasing these feelings that we normally filter either out of being polite, maintaining the peace, or even being fearful that by expressing them we might emotionally fall apart.

What is your music for emotional release?  Allow this music to be part of your cleansing process.  Listen to it a little louder than you might normally.  Feel it in your deepest self... and allow it to let your silenced voice speak.

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