Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Prayer for Australia

While I complain about cold feet,
Having to wear a coat to the market,
Windows fogging up...
There are those for whom
 Healing waters sent to quench the land
Have extracted them from
Their ground.

To better understand the areas of flooding devastation, please visit the insightful post ""When Waters Rise..O My Soul" at the blog The Party Never Quits.


  1. I know several people from my Quilts around the world group who live where the floods are in Australia...prayers for everyones safety there.
    Lovely words and picture!!!

  2. I feel for them. Love your painting and your words.

  3. That was a wonderful link you posted. I was amazed to see the size of the area affected. I do feel for the people located there.

    Your words and picture show your deep concern.

  4. I have a very good friend who lives there. Thye really need our prayers =) New follower from Blog Frog!


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