Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial: One Word, One Object

I have to start out with a caveat. I am absolutely going to contradict myself today.  It "the secret lies within you"  then why seek inspiration outside of yourself?  

One of the most wonderful healing aspects about art - in any form - is that, through metaphor, we are able to excavate deeper into our souls, hold incongruous elements in balance, and express that which cannot be expressed through linear conversation.  I am constantly looking for objects that mimic a feeling, attitude or experience that I am trying to capture.  Today I was using the idea of a secret (inspired by a post over at Dirty Footprints Studio.) 

I thought about layers, covering and uncovering, and some roses I had painted last week.
 ( Check out how I used them as a metaphor for life choices.)


Then while painting, I was pleasantly surprised to discover how the petals of the rose created great space for journaling the little mantra I had found... Truly a visual meditation!   I love when I make those discoveries! 

Keeping the words and the image simple allowed me space to contemplate while I painted.  Here are some of my thoughts:

  • I am the secret.  I don't need to give myself away to everyone.  I can keep parts of myself hidden.
  • I don't need to constantly seek validation from outside.  Deep down, I know what I'm supposed to do and who I am supposed to be.
  • Keep seeking.  Keep exploring.  It's a process to get to the core.

Now when I look back at  what I have created - all of those thoughts come to me at once, without having to read  each single word as I would if I had written it out like a traditional journal.   The power of metaphor!

What metaphors come to you today?


  1. i love this post, very intriguing & inspirational thoughts.

  2. Way to go Corey and thanks so much for sharing ~ will have to try something like this ~ inspiring 'jumping off' point ~ Have a 'wonder filled' week ~ and come by my blog ~ thanks ~ ^_^

  3. Such a beautiful combination of imagery and text... the layers are wonderful. I enjoyed the "secrets" you've shared - very important reminders :)


  4. What a stunning piece! The message is wonderful as well, both in your piece and in your post.

  5. Life breathed a sweet, gentle sigh of tender Encouragement. Its name is Cori Lynn Berg.

    I am grateful ...

  6. I like it that you wrote your journaling on thew folds of the rose. Patsy from

  7. It's gorgeous. I love the symbolism of the journaling spiraling ever inward.

    I wanted to go see a bird (with grasping wings reaching for something) painting which came up on LinkedIn, but it disappeared before I could click :-(

    I hope it will show up again.

  8. Beautiful, this makes such an amazing art journal page because it allows you to reveal a little bit about yourself and the image reveals your inner self. I love it!


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