Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I discovered I always have choices
and sometimes it's only a choice in attitude.
~ Judith Knowlden

When our minds and hearts are in overload, the most detrimental thought habit is to feel powerless.  Sometimes our choices may be hidden from view and require the compassion and care of another soul to help us see them, but choices always exist... if the choice is even to spend time "budded up" or to accept one's current state.  Our own thoughts are our greatest capital.


This piece is 6" x 6" painted on both sides, with the above quote on the back, and is available for purchase for $30.  Please email me at cori-lynn@msn.com for details.


  1. Such inspiring thoughts and ideas....

  2. Wonderful thoughts.
    I have lemonade in the refrig and chocolate cookies fresh from the bakery. Want to come over? LOL

  3. Wonderfully creative and inspirational ~ love your work ~ assume it is acrylic? ~ Best in the day to you ~ namaste, C & z


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