Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Second Birthday Blessing: Value

Learn to value yourself, which means:
to fight for your happiness.
~ Ayn Rand

As I posted earlier, this week I'm celebrating my birthday by creating works that are to be touchpoints for the upcoming year.  Today I am thinking about the importance of self-worth.  I know that I am not alone in having difficulty in embracing my own worthiness and  it probably the single most pivotal piece of most of my life challenges.  The struggle to find value in self -- the kind of value that allows one to speak their voice without needing to shout -- is continuous...


  1. Indeed! Very well said. And art is a practice that can feed that self-worth. Thanks for your comment on my post on the Sketchbook Challenge. If you are trying to reach the destination, the end of each painting, do try slowing down. Revel in the process and the lovely surprises it brings. I often work on several pieces at once, and NEVER expect them all to reach a conclusion. Thanks again.

  2. Beautiful piece! How perfect that you've used a dragonfly as they represent self-discovery and the opening of our eyes to all that is around us.


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