Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fourth Birthday Blessing: Wash

Since I'm turning a year older this week, I am creating pieces to use as signposts for goals or thoughts this upcoming year.  On my recent road trip to Kentucky, I got lots of driving time in solitude -- no greater way to empty your brain of a little mental garbage.  A visual kept popping up in my thoughts... that of washing and it being time to let some of the pain and disappointments of the past wash away.  So it was really serendipitous when my sister gave me this as my birthday present when I arrived...

A envelope necklace with...

... a tiny note tucked inside!

a sweet little poem

These little lockets are made by Liz Lamoreux, who held a wonderfully life-changing "Be Present" retreat that my sister recently went on.  (It's been so neat seeing my older sis evolving in her creative journey the last several years as a play therapist and newbie artsy fartsy! Follow her at PlayCrane.)  It took a few days for the words to sink in and their weight to resonate.  Right away I saw a deep connection, knowing how much I am drawn to the color blue in my work and messages of hope.  But this special message seemed just right for me this upcoming year as I seek to find the next stop in my life walk.  Sometimes it is exactly the place where pain is washed away that we find ourselves...


  1. this makes my heart smile.
    thank you for sharing these pieces of you.

    (when i chose the poem to tuck inside this necklace, i stood in my studio and took a deep breath and thought about the beauty and love jodi shared when talking about you and chose this poem. love that it has become another sign that you are on your path...)

  2. It is just amazing how God already knows what we need before we do. This is wonderful.

  3. What a fabulous gift. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

  4. What a beautiful necklace, I love the poem tucked away inside, just lovely!

  5. Cori ~ love this post and so glad what you are doing for your self! ^_^

  6. The necklace and the little poem are so beautiful and it's perfect how they made the connection with you at just the right time. Your painting is gorgeous....Happy Birthday!!

  7. I love how you have chosen to celebrate your birthday. Thank you for sharing these touching pieces. I love how beautiful the locket looks with your painting.


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