Saturday, June 18, 2011

Your Own Thing

You just have to do your own thing, no matter what anyone says. 
It's your life.
~ Ethan Embry

I'm a rule follower at heart.  I veer away from the express checkouts because I'm terrified of being one item over the limit.  I hate to step on other people's toes.  All of those can be good things... except when they turn into worrying way too much about what other people think.  The irony of that is most people aren't thinking so much about us as we worry they do.    So this piece is a little reminder to wear white after labor day, eat ice cream for breakfast, wear socks with sandals, and sing showtunes in the library.  It is your life and you only get one.

And here's another reminder... 
stop knocking other people who are beating their own drum.
They only have one life too.

 Get back to your own work.

This piece is a vintage toolbox I found in an antique store on my recent trip to Kentucky. I just love how some worker crafted this for his (or her!) tools and must have lugged it around for countless projects.  I love to imagine what those must have been.  It is 16" long and 11" high.  The bottom tray is 7 1/2 " deep and the top tray is 3" deep.  It has been coated with a polyurethane finish and is great for toting around art supplies!  This piece is available for purchase through paypal for $45.  Please email me at for details.


  1. I really see myself in this post! Thanks for the reminder that it is okay to be me without worrying quite so much about what people will think.

  2. What a lovely piece (all the more lovely since you found it in my home state) and a great post! Being a rule breaker by nature, at least the stupid ones... Thanks for dropping by my blog today and leaving the comment.. I'll be back to visit yours often!

  3. Truly a beautiful tool box... or art box or... Love the message you share here.

  4. Wonderful creation and as usual I love the colors ~ And live your truth ~ everyone else is too busy with their own stuff~ You are unique and a treasure ~ ^_^

  5. You are a treasure ~ Love the colors and such a fun and functional piece ~ Follow your own path as you do in your art ! ~ others are too busy with their own Stuff ~ ^_^

  6. I'm a rule follower/worrier too - most of the time. This sentiment makes me happy and it's so cute on this little tote!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting :)



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