Thursday, July 21, 2011

Project Hope: A is for Aware

be aware
look high and low
for instances of the universe aligning in your favor
let not one opportunity for hope pass you by
celebrate the ordinary
live under the assumption that you are
and taken care of
be aware

I've been seeing other artist's participate in different alphabet challenges but the timing was never right to join in.  I was excited yesterday to find one starting yesterday at ABC Wednesday  One thing that excites me about this blog linkup is that the participants aren't necessarily artists.  Although I adore artists, sometimes it's nice to meet other types of folks to!   So I decided the them for my alphabet will be Hope, and the attributes one can cultivate to live a hopeful life.

As I created this little piece, I enjoyed playing with transparency. Hope is elusive... it's work. You have to hunt for it. But it is there.

Today, whatever your struggle, whatever your burden, may you discover a hint of what you have been looking for all along...

Today is the last day to enter the Free Art Friday drawing!  Check the link at the right!


  1. Well, you are welcome, whenever you join us! We are definitely an eclectic group! Glad you are AWARE of us.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. What a wonderful way to journey through the alphabet. I love ABC Wednesday and ave been through the a;phabet several times. This time with quotes from intersting people. Welcome! Look forward to all the hopeful words and art!

  3. I love the translucent quality of this piece and the colours that you've used. x

  4. Thank you for visiting! Your piece is wonderful and what a great way to represent A!

  5. Thanks for visiting my site today - you are so incredibly talented!

  6. I love this idea Cori! Your A is beautiful. I may just have to join you!

  7. That is so lovely and I just treasure each and every word you have written underneath. You are now on my Google Reader! I found you through Kelly, who is also a person who touches me deeply.


    p.s. I also have a blog...

    Come and visit if you have time! I am taking an onlilne class from Pam Carriker and just learning how to do backgrounds, after fooling around with it myself for a few days!

  8. Cori--your art is always so special because your heart is always a part of it....and thank you so much for entering my giveaway!


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