Monday, July 11, 2011


Never think your contribution isn't
 good enough,
big enough,
far-reaching enough,
because you never know how far your ripples may reach.
~ Amanda Fall

I saw this quote on Persistent Green yesterday and knew immediately I wanted to attempt painting it.  I think most people wonder from time to time if what they are doing makes a difference, if it is worthwhile and should be continued.  We just don't seem to take enough time validating each other and expressing gratitude for the effect other people have in our lives.  Can you imagine how a checker at the grocery store would feel if we took the time to say, "Hey, thanks for being smiley and bubbly!  It perked me up in the middle of an otherwise gloomy day."  

So, I have two remedies for this.  First, let's all commit to really taking the step to express those words of appreciation - even for what seems little and mundane.  Make it a rule that if something brings you joy, to take a moment to express gratitude for it... in a little or a big way.  And second,  have your cohort of support who can be there to regularly remind you that what you are doing is worthy and to be cherished.  Know who these people are and remind them what a difference they make in your own life.

Those little words, those little touches, may be exactly what a person needs.


  1. Cori! what a great message - I am always trying to be happy and thankful - and it does help! Peoople sometimes look at me strangely, but I know it makes their day..saying a kind word goes very far! ..I love this post!

  2. Amen.

    It takes so little effort to add a little joy to someone's life. I also think if you give joy, you frequently get some back.

    It just spirals or ripples on and on - like your image.

  3. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog and perking up my day! I love your post and your painting.

  4. Cori, you made me cry! Don't worry, they were good tears. :) I am touched more than I can say that my words moved you to paint--and what a beautiful painting it is.

    I couldn't agree more about how important those little touches can be. I struggle with occasional social anxiety, so sometimes it's tough for me to go that extra mile and reach out to a stranger in person. I've been trying to put that aside when it's clear that saying something might really perk up their day. I actually followed a woman to her car recently to tell her what a pretty smile she had.

    Maybe those little words don't mean much--or maybe they mean the world. We'll never really know. I DO know that these ripples of kindness could never hurt, only heal.

    Thank you so, so much for sharing this. I'll be writing more and linking back to you on my blog tomorrow.

    Sending you love!

  5. I hope I do this more often than not but thanks for the reminder.
    Your painting is awesome! You really captured the movement of the ripples in the water beautifully!

  6. A lovely post with important words to consider. I completely agree with you. Our culture can be a little sarcastic & negative. I think it is important to show people that they are important and express our gratitude.

    And I love your painting. I'm mad on painting & doodling swirls & swirly - so I love these ripples. Beautiful & meditative even without the wonderful words.

    Kat :-)

  7. I agree and do try to do that.
    Beautiful ripples.

  8. you have been a catalyst for me in connecting with you first and now Sketch Sunday and more artists ~ thanks and namaste ~

    Great post and so true ~ Love the 'ripple effect' ~ hugs ^_^

  9. I always try to smile at clerks and other people throughout my day. I've actually had some clerks thank me for smiling! It doesn't take much to be nice to people and they do notice and appreciate it. Thank you for reminding me to keep doing this.

    Your ripple painting is gorgeous!

  10. Cori-I purely loved your painting, and also the fact that it rippled out from Amanda-Persistent Green's blog post. Besides being my lovely daughter, Amanda is also one of my most precious fellow-journeyers on this adventure of living a creative life. One of the ways Amanda blesses me is by introducing me to other creative pilgrims, like you!

  11. Beautiful painting. Great advice too! I always try to share smiles and let people know they are doing an awesome job. It makes a huge difference in our world!
    Hugs and blessings


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