Thursday, July 7, 2011

Irritation or Initiation?

Deep, unspeakable suffering, may well be called a baptism,
a regeneration, the initiation into a new state.
~Ira Gershwin

Today I was drawn to paint a dove.  In researching it's sacred symbolism, I was drawn to that of regeneration, with it's reference in the Biblical flood story.  Noah lets out a dove to find vegetation, new growth.  I then found this quote and, it being still a bit early in the morning, I read the word "initiation" as "irritation."    That adds even more depth to it's meaning.  How often  it takes some sort of discomfort, some irritant, to transform us!  The butterfly does not slip out of it's chrysalis. No it pushes and prys, breaking it through friction!

While painting this, I had to give a holy laugh... I realized after I was done with the front that I had painted the whole piece upside down and will have to take off the little hanging hook on the back and reattach it in its proper place.   (See below!)  I was so irritated by that I then proceeded to dip my wonderfully loaded liner brush into my freshly brewed cup of coffee! 

This piece is 6" x 6"  mixed media.  It is available for purchase for $30 and includes a small easel.  Please email your interest to


  1. Your last couple of pieces and inspiration on those pieces have really spoken to me and helped me out. Thank you.

  2. This is just beautiful... love the inspirational thought to go along with it.

  3. Cori ~ your creative expression is exquisite and I do believe we are 'channeling' one another ~ as I too believe in Sacred Art ~ wishing you the best in the day ^_^
    PS ~ I too have done a similar 'upside down' situation with my art as I was so 'dancing with the holy spirit' energy that I just 'got carried away" ~ hugs and namaste, Carol

  4. This painting seems like a Spirit-filled Matisse-like painting. It's beautiful!


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