Friday, April 22, 2011

Via Crucis 1: Jesus is Condemned

Mark 15:1-15


The natural reaction when one is restrained is to fight back.  To hurl insults.  To hurt as you have been hurt.  To create pain as you have been pained.  How does one know when it is good and right to fight back and when the best thing is to face a situation with acceptance?

The jeering crowd.

Who would I be in that crowd?  Would I join the group, feel empowered by connecting to the mass?  Would I say I want no part of this drama and turn a blind eye?  Would I wash my hands too?  Would I have courage to speak, to accept the repercussions of speaking up?  Am I willing to step off my own path for someone else?

Behold the Lamb
peformed by Sovereign Grace Music
from the album "King of Grace"

Walk with me...

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