Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Tabernacle

Religion is a process of turning your skull into a tabernacle,
not of going up to Jerusalem once a year.
~ Austin O'Malley

I always find it interesting how a "thought theme" comes up in a day.  I've been working on paper sculpting in preparation for ArtLoveMagic's Art& Coffee event this Friday.  I wanted to work on a skull today even though it's not usually my style.  But my friend Hallie who is producing the event loves skulls in art work so I thought it would brighten her day if I made one.

Earlier this morning, I chitchatted just a few minutes with my sister, a fellow blogger whom you can find at Playcrane, about how much wonderful inspiration there is out there in the form of blogs, ecourses, and websites on the net.  But it's easy to not only begin to develop the FOMO syndrome being talked about quite a bit these days (Fear of Missing Out), but also you end up spending so much time taking in information that there isn't enough time to process and actually do something with it.  So we both decided to get off our Facebook chat and get to work! ♥

After making this piece, I decided to explore the meanings of skulls, since I don't usually work with this theme.  I didn't find a whole lot.. other than that they can mean death (skull and cross bones) or its opposite, life.   Then I popped the word "skull" into several quote search engines and came up with this lovely sentence, which brought my mind back to the conversation with my sister.

In this information age, it is so easy to search for the answers "out there" rather than listening to the still, small voice inside.  I've noticed something even more ironic in the blog world.  Post after post after post about learning to listen to yourself, following your inner guide.... yet sign up for my newsletter!  (I say this in good love for all those whose work is creatively guiding others --- i'm just becoming more and more overwhelmed how many people do this now.) 

There is a balance, between going into the solitude of your soul and becoming so self-involved that you are unable to step out of your own thought habits.  There is no formula for staying in balance, other than awareness.  And now that that has been "said and read,"  get off this blog and go do something! :)

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  1. I'm really enjoying your paper cutting art.
    I came here to get away from doing thread painting as I was beginning to go crosseyed doing it. I will go do something else and then get back to that and this and and is just full of things to do, most of them fun on Saturday!


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