Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Peek into the Process

I get these ideas.  And if I actually take the time to think them through, I probably wouldn't attempt most of them.  I've had an idea for a few Holy Week pieces percolating for months.  Just a few paintings.  Until last week I thought of doing an actual Good Friday vigil through artwork on my blog using the traditional devotional Stations of the Cross.  Had I taken the time to think it through, I would have been too scared to attempt this.  For good or bad, here I am. 

I've always heard that it's not good for an artist to show an unfinished piece.  But I think we live in a new time now.  When all we see are finished pieces, they aren't pieces of a longer process.  They are simply products.  I appreciate artists who share with me the steps along the way.  It gives me courage that they have to struggle with the materials as much as I do. 

This Via Crucis project is an immense struggle for me.  Artistically, I'm pushed in my drawing skills.  Emotionally, I'm pushed to delve into a very painful story and live in it.  Socially, I'm pushed to share the experience with others.. some who may assume it's purposes are for proselytizing and be turned off... others who will critique my theology.  Spiritually... how do I describe this experience?  Terrifying.

I'm learning to trust the process... to have faith that when it is needed, my skill and inspiration will emerge.  As long as I take it step by step.  I am begin with research, perusing hundreds of other depictions through sculpture, mosaic, stained glass, painting, drawing.  I commune with others who have taken this walk.   I am given strength by seeing so many different styles create an entry into this passion story.  I have hope that perhaps my vision will as well.

Then I get out my pencils and I explore.  Draw, erase, draw, erase, and draw some more.  It's really scribbling.  Suddenly the paper's whiteness is more pallatible.  I have begun...

For more information about the Via Crucis that will be held this Friday here at the blog please visit the link below.


  1. this is a wonderful post! such a talented lady. the words flow so well with the sketches, great pieces.

  2. Cori, what a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing your sketches and your journey. I appreciate your honesty about your thoughts. I can relate to your statements about how others may perceive your work. I have felt the same at times. But as artists, we can't let that stop the creative flow. If you are called to create this series and share it on your blog, then you are doing what you need to do. Thank you!

  3. This is a beautiful post, Cori. So vulnerable & raw. You are courageous and inspiring. I think you are right. I think it is a different time now. And sharing our process is part of the process, part of our connection, part of our experience. Creating can be so isolating and sharing the process is refreshing & provides so much meaning. Keep up your courage.


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