Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Entry

Palm Sunday Victory

They cut the branches from the trees
And strewed them in the way,
Because they knew their Lord and King
Would come along that day.

They sang hosanna to the King
And praised his holy name -
Now even in this modern day,
We, too, should do the same.

The Christ who came that palm-strewn way
To enter in the gate,
Will enter in your heart today,
So do not make him wait.

That palm-strewn path of long ago
Is still a victory sign
That Christ still comes along the way
Into your heart and mine.

~Raymond Orner

One of the most profound liturgical memories I have is the first Palm Sunday as an adolescent at a new church my father had been called to pastor.  Rather than a glistening gold processional cross, this cross was dark...with spikes like rusted nails.  And woven through the spokes, were beautifully colored ribbons that swayed with the steps of the crucifer as he held the cross above the heads of the congregants, as we sang our praises and held our palms.  Simple ribbons of color in a rudimentary cross... my first deep understanding of art in motion, art in its deepest significance.

This begins the Holy Week for Christians around the world... a time when we not only look forward to the Easter resurrection but take time to meditate on Christ's willingness to suffer for the freedom of all.



Please join me here for this special event going on all day this Good Friday.  For details, click the link above.


  1. Wow! Just beautiful I too have fond memories of palm Sunday as a child especially making those little palm crosses I love the entwining ribbons its reminiscent of a Maypole

  2. THis is beautiful! Hope you are well! xo

  3. Thank you for adding to my Palm Sunday worship. The painting is beautiful!


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