Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kaizen Wednesday: Begin at the Beginning

It's that time of year!  We either dread it or look at it as a fresh start.  Time to make our New Year's Resolutions!    This year I'd like to welcome you on a journey with me.  Rather than making a list of life changes that require radical efforts, how about "taste testing" a variety of areas of personal growth?  Each month we will be reflecting and acting upon a different area and making small, concrete actions towards growth each week.  Take a look at what we have in store:

January:  Financial Stability
February:  Healthy Eating
March:  Cleaning and Organization
April:  Social Connection
May:  Exercise
June: Self Care
July: Time for Play
August:  Creative Expression
September:  Spirituality
October:  Brain Power
November: Acts of Service
December: Relaxation

Each week during the month you will be asked to do one small action towards the designated life area.  We will encourage small, easily achievable goals with a high chance for success.  The idea is that getting a taste of reaching the goal in a small way will encourage us to keep some of these goals up throughout the year.  

And I have several ways to support you on this journey.  First, at the beginning of the month I will post possible small actions for the designated life area.  I'm hoping others will add their input as well.  Secondly, each Sunday we will be holding a  "Goal Gear Up" session in the Education room of the Friends in Healing Chat rooms at 6 pm CST time.  Not only a time to discuss your monthly activity, you can discuss any personal goals for the week, get encouragement, and perhaps even a little advice thrown in!

Now what is this "kaizen"?????  Kaizen is the japanese word for continuous improvement.  Mainly used as a productivity process in business, we are going to use tools and strategies from kaizen to our personal goals.  Each Wednesday, I'll be posting ideas and strategies from a variety of kaizen resources.. beginning with

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  1. I Love this! I love this monthly plan! It's absolutely fantastic and I'm sooo looking forward to it. I hope every coming year is always better than the last!


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