Thursday, December 30, 2010

Healing Art Challenge: And the Award Goes to...

It's time to create our own end of the year awards! It's easy to remember the things that saddened us and brought us down... let's find a way to focus on the good things as well!  Your challenge is to artistically interprest a list of  your year's winners for the following categories:

Best Inspirational Person
Best Moment in Nature
Best Lesson Learned
Best Bellylaugh
Best Song /Movie/Book
Best Playful Moment
Best Self-Achievement
Best Outcome from a Difficult Experience
Best Meal
Best Moment of Kindness Witnessed

You can paint, draw, write, photocollage, make a movie, anything your heart desires!  Please email your pieces to by Thursday, January 6 at 12 pm CST time. Please note that entries that do not reflect the healing nature of the challenge or arrive late, might not be included.  Look for our gallery to go up on that day!

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