Thursday, November 11, 2010

Simple Lessons

After a week of such intense work building our new Friends in Healing Community,   several members in our chatroom were discussing how much we complicate our lives, making big things out of small things, and forgetting those simple life values that are as relevant as adults as when we were children.  Come, think with me.  What was a life lesson you learned as a child that is important for you to remember as an adult?
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  1. Sometimes coloring outside of the lines gives you more powerful result!

  2. Looking at a butterfly and thinking wow so pretty, dancing to the beat and getting lost in the music, sharing those hugs and kisses that mean I love you and I'm here with you. Staring up at the night sky in silent amazement without having enough numbers to count the stars, and doing it with the eyes of a child, and the yearning to know and learn, because if we transform our hearts into that of a child, we will always be evolving and learning and in the process bettering ourselves. Let the lost innocence of our daily lives make us stop and listen, but with our hearts, to many wonders that surround us.

  3. Don't eat yellow snow? - Zoots

  4. Finish your plate or you'll get a whooping.

  5. everything feels like a disaster and the end when you are young.. but in truth, it's only the beginning :) - rosy


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