Wednesday, November 17, 2010


In wisdom gathered over time, I have found that
every experience is a form of exploration.
~ Ansel Adams

Did you know that a squirrel only finds ten percent of the nuts it hides?  And despite that this little guy is so vulnerable to attack by lots of different types of wildlife, the squirrel stays busy gathering and gathering more food.  He doesn't even take the time to hibernate in the winter.  He doesn't stop to worry about those nuts that will never be found.. for those will be seeds from which new trees will grow.  Some might just sprout and become necessary food for other animals.  But others may grow into glorious oak trees!

When we are wanting to make a change in our lives, perhaps solve a problem or construct a new way of living, don't we often have difficulty be open to a wide variety of ideas?  It's so tempting to find all the reasons why an idea might not be helpful for us...oh,  because then we can just stay where we are!  But why not be like our dear little squirrels.. take the ideas and wisdom that crosses our path and file it..we might not find it immediately useful.. but given time.. that seed of an idea might be transformed into an idea that may help someone else, or grow into something magnificent!


  1. We can never stop the world from spinning but we can keep ourselves busy in the path we're on, when the path divides then we can let ourselves drift to a new place, and always letting our minds be challenged with the unknown! Let all that is different not become strange but indeed a new journey to travel on.

  2. I am always filing...and coming round to using those things/ideas in good time. Yes, I too am squirrel like. ;-)

  3. wonderful analogy......thanks for sharing such wonderful wisdom!!! :))

  4. an inspiring piece of art work and wonderful use of analogy.. i love this post! rosy xx


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