Saturday, November 6, 2010


My house just burnt down.
I now own a better view
Of the rising moon.

Sometimes change happens slowly and methodically, with careful deliberation. And other times, someone pulls our band aid off quickly.

It has been a difficult few months for me artistically.. as a person who suffers from chronic depression and anxiety, there are times I must pull into hibernation. I am happy to report that, while I'm still being challenged with the daily struggles of living with this disease.. recent changes in my life have forced me into a new venture that I am so delighted to share with you.

In the right column of this page, I and a group of very faithful friends are creating an online chat support community, available 24 hours a day to people all across the world. We are working with names for this community.. right now using "Friends in Healing" as we believe all people, at any given time in their lives have difficulties they are facing, challenges to find strategies for, and experiences requiring good self-care and support. So for those of you experienceing a transition in life, feelings of grief, solitude, or any other challenge, please join us below and become our friend.

Today I invite you to share in the comments section stories of moments in your life when you experienced a "blaze" and what new views you were able to own. Many many thanks to one of our chatters for providing this lovely haiku.


  1. I am sorry to read you had such a difficult time dear. Having depression sure is hard. I have suffered many, but I am at a point I can handle them well at this moment in my life. But I am always on the lookout it won't catch me by surprise. Well what did I learn....... I learned to trust in my own power thats for sure. I learned also that it is important to take good care of myself.
    Take care dear . Glad you have a group to support and help each other

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Great quote! I pull of the moon is powerful!


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