Thursday, November 25, 2010

Healing Art Gallery: Gratitude

 A blessed Thanksgiving to everyone!  Before the Christmas season begins filled with shopping for new things and gifts galore, how wonderful that we have this time to pause and celebrating all the blessings we already have been bestowed.    I do believe that the act of gratitude is the single most important act toward living a life of fullness and happiness.  Without taking time to notice the things and people that influence our daily lives in small and grand ways, our perspective can easily shift from a life of abundance to a life in need.  Perhaps what we need most is already around us.  May we take the time each day to slow down and notice that which we have already been given.  Let it be written on our hearts as we live and breathe and act each day. 

As you enjoy the work that has been shared this week,  please click the image to see a larger version.  Support those who share a part of themselves here by leaving a kind word of comment if you are so led! ♥

Take time to give thanks...


for companions on your journey...

~ hawk3y15

for love that shelters and inspires
~ zoo

for new beginnings...

~ NayCherryBomb

for the ebb and flow of nature...

~ rosypose

for those who support us...

~ HiddenChild

for the silver lining in every experience...

~ Forktail

for the gift of ingenuity...

~ zootalors

for protection in difficult times...


for night when rest comes ...

~ marla

for hidden bridges to new experiences...

~ playcrane

for the ability to endure...

~ marla

 for time to contemplate the abundance of life....



  1. such beautiful pictures, art and photography.. the phrases fit perfectly with every one. awesome art challenge!
    rosy xx

  2. Beautiful contributions!
    Hope you are ok.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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