Monday, January 16, 2012

A Little Yarn Haiku

Fingers weave story
Crocheting cozy phrases
Yarn meditation

I'm no poet but I tried my hand at it this morning.  I was looking for words to describe how holy (not just holey)  I find yarn work.   It calms my spirit.  The repetition of stitch is a contrasting experience to my other creative work where every brushstroke involves intense thought and decisionmaking.  As I crochet, I think of the person to whom my work will go, weaving in hope that it wrap them in comfort and a sense of safety from the elements, both literal and figurative. 

I posted this piece on Facebook early this morning and it was snatched up by a friend of mine within the hour.  That's a validating way to start the week!  If you are interested in commissioning a piece like this, feel free to message me at  The price is $30 plus and additional $5 shipping in the US.  This one was made using a 100% soft acrylic textured yarn  and measures 5" x 70".  It's a  very cozy scarf - perfect for a cold day!

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