Thursday, April 23, 2009

Diving Lessons

When I was five or six, my mother took my sister and I to the indoor community pool to learn how to swim. Through the course of the summer, my class was in the shallow end, but, in order to pass to the next level, we each had to eventually jump off the diving board in the deep end. Not the diving board hovering a few feet above the water, but the skyscraper board that made people look so small when they stood on it. I was petrified, and froze standing up so high above the abyss. The teacher paddling below who was to catch me seemed unperturbed by the deep waters. After holding up the class for several minutes, another teacher on the board lightly pushed me off, without consent. As I crashed into the water, I felt the punishing slap against my whole body, gasped, and took a torrent into my lungs. When I was five or six, I thought I would die.

Sometimes life gives us a nudge from which we can learn and grow. Other times we're given a push. And sometimes you're downright kicked. All you can do is cough it out, sputter, and try to pick up the pieces. I never jumped off a high dive again. And that's just fine with me.


  1. Quite an interesting art piece. Could you elaborate on it from your mind's eye's perspective, please.

  2. Cori,Thanks for following me. I am so honored:)
    Your works are really good. I like the Phoenix one most. I had done a phoenix 2 yrs bac in Photoshop which was taken as the best work in the institute where I studied Graphics. I was reminded of tht.
    I would like hear from you too.

  3. Thanks friend, something for you at my blog!

  4. Oh, Cori~ wow, I experienced something very similar though I was much older, in junior high. I was forced to jump off the diving board and at the time being very nearsighted, I was frantic because I was not able to see even two feet in front of me. I jumped so far over to the left I literally skimmed the edge of the pool, which could have been a very ugly incident, but just landed with a few scrapes and bruises.

    I think no one has the right to force us to do anything. Not the kind of push I find acceptable. Now, the angelic kind of a whisper that comes and guides us, that's a whole other story!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. great post. and i'm not one for being pushed either...


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