Monday, April 20, 2009

The Search

Finding one's voice after it's remained hidden for so long takes courage and manpower. Having gone so many years distracted by other people's realities and priorities, I've become desensitized to the still, small voice inside. Hunting for words and images in my mind is a laborious chore that can only be cracked by the scales and arpeggios of daily practice. Does everyone at times feel like an imposter to their own creativity?


  1. OK Cori ... I like your work so much that I shared a link to you with a friend. Now, we have a CONFLICT. [smile] I told her that I REALLY like your DRAGONFLY, but she (so mistakenly) says that it is a butterfly. Which of us is right? (She says that I am going to ask in a way that will sway your answer ... but I think that you are an honest and honorable person who will be fair. [am I sounding childish enough?] [grin])

    Nonetheless, I truly do love your work!

  2. Dearest, Talented, Most Glorious Cori,

    While we are each entitled to our own humble opinion(s), I maintain that this LOVELY work of art is, indeed, a butterfly. But I will accept yours as the final word. Maybe it is a combination of the two and could be termed a butt-drag... [big smile]. But I concur with JM on one thing - it is lovely. Thank you for sharing and providing some fun for us!


  3. 'Tis true, you two, it could be nothing else but a... butterfly! Sorry, girls win on this one. Thanks for looking!

  4. Man hangs head and pathetically waves limp, white flag. [sigh]

  5. oh man, spot on! it's not easy being original and creative in this media-filled world with its own set of rights and wrongs....

  6. No it's not easy and I've been there, where you are - It feels, maybe a bit selfish in the beginning, (she says from experience) BUT, this to me is what we are supposed to be doing, Cori! We are here to find, embrace and share our creative selves. We must also remain true to ourselves. I do not follow trends, or others views of what I should or should not paint. Many do this and become quite successful but to me the true success is finding that special place within and creating through and from that! I suppose the non-conformist in me just so believes that "there are no right or wrongs" when it comes to 'creating'...You will and are finding that place within yourself, I can tell!

    Happy, joyful creating! Here's to finding that small 'inner voice"!!!

    ~ Calli

  7. sometimes i am in denial about how much work it takes to get the most of my creativity. I wish it would pop out done and just so, but i have to work it to get there...
    is that what you mean?

  8. I was just saying this to someone the other day. I feelsometimes that everything has already been written about everything *sigh*


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