Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I've been struggling with putting this painting on a larger canvas. As I wrote in my "Empty to Whole" post, this is for a friend of mine who is recovering from an alcohol addiction. I have questioned the strict boundary between the "empty space" and the "whole, alive" space. The visual does not seem to show them as the same person, the connection. As I began to think about this image this morning, I had a growing sense that the pit of our emptiness is what becomes the boundaries for our new life. And yes, at first, those boundaries do appear to be walls. That is natural when one has been hurt, rejected, scorned. But eventually one can unwrap the arms of protection and transform the walls into filters. Perhaps a series is in the making...


  1. your instincts are so right. it's the slow and painful removal, brick by brick, of self-erected walls, to allow for the new and good to filter in and though, that is the route to recovery...

  2. I find both the artwork and the thoughts you record here profound.

  3. I am liking all your pictures posted but this one, I am liking even more!


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