Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tend the Nest

Before I sing
I build my nest.

Spring has hit Dallas and I've been using the fresh air as an opportunity to open the windows and clear out my home with the help of my wonderful mother.  It's a hard task for me.. I don't naturally consider home maintenance to be part of my creative life.  I'm a grab the paint tubes and spatter kind of girl.  But eventually it catches up with me and I need to take time to prepare my space for new creative adventures to emerge.  So today... no eggs.  No song.  Nothing colorful.  Just a solid nest.


  1. HI! Did I miss signing up for the class??? Your enst is beautiful.... XO hope you are well!

  2. What a wonderful way to put it. I used to dread all the house chores, but when I changed my attitude and thought of it as care-taking, I actually (dare I say it?) enjoy that time. Creating a neat home/work space is important to one's sense of inner peace and to one's creativity.


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