Monday, March 7, 2011

Make a Statement!

This piece today if for my friend Hallie Garcia who is raising money for childhood cancer by shaving off all of her hair to stand in solidarity for all the children across the world who lose their hair during treatment.  As you can see by the pics below, Hallie's hair may be short, but it's quite an integral part of her joyous personality.  She's Rainbow Brite!  Please consider giving a five dollar (or more) donation to this cause by visiting this link.   So proud of you, Hallie,  and all the other participants in this cause! ♥♥♥


  1. FABULOUS, wow what an amazing thing to do. Good for her! She looks great with the short hair, too!

  2. Wish I was so brave! My hairs getting so fine as I age and It needs to come off - but I've always ahd long hair - its hard to make the change.

    Shah .X

  3. such an awesome gesture for all of those precious children! bravo to hallie!

  4. Love the hair and love the painting!!! Great cause!!!

  5. What a brave and sweet gesture by Hallie! Love the Rainbow Brite hair :)



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