Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Whisper

But we can all be angels to one another. We can choose to obey the still small stirring within, the little whisper that says, "Go. Ask. Reach out. Be an answer to someone's plea. You have a part to play. Have faith." The world will be a better place for it. And wherever they are, the angels will dance.
~ Joan Wester Anderson

I've had a few gifts of moments recently... moments when another person pulls down their veil and invites me in... moments when they allow me to see their struggle, their fear, their humanness. The moments aren't of the Hallmark variety. There is a certain awkwardness at the onset, for most of us aren't open to that state of being on a regular basis. An uncomfortable shuffling in the seat. A downward glance. A quiet stuttering. A downward glance. I feel their own discomfort in my heart. My voice catches in my throat. I lean forward, and back, and forward again.

But when faced with the image of someone else's humanity, I hear this whisper. Mine says.. "You understand." I feel their own discomfort in my heart. And I am given courage to push through with bluntness.. to accept their state with boldness. I usually have no words to give. At best a question, an invitation to reach deeper, to pull the muck out of the recesses of their soul and lay it out, in front of us both. I can only hope they can feel my compassion, my lack of judgment, my desire to care and be present, to be an observer of their life.

To these people, I say.. "I'm here."

This miniature painting is available for purchase from the Sacred Arts Studio on Etsy for $20.


  1. Lovely miniature and beautiful post!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Beautiful post.. and lovely piece.. wishing you a great day.


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