Thursday, June 10, 2010

Portrait Swap

Anyone see the new reality show on Bravo called "Work of Art: Next Great Artist"? It premiered last night and I loooooooooooooove it! The contestants had to create a portrait to bring with them and then their first challenge was to do a portrait of another contestant. So interesting! After watching the show, I asked my friend Kay if she wanted to do a portrait swap for fun and inspiration...

And I was so excited she said yes! Kay is my technicolor friend! And I absolutely adore her warm and creative spirit! And she's gorgeous, isn't she?

And here's the digital portrait she did of me. I love it! Haha! It made me laugh and smile and feel warm and fuzzy inside when I saw it.. cause she got me! I just love how she included elements of my artistic style in it!

Thanks sweet Kay! I adore it and am so glad you're my friend! ♥

Would love to do another one of these if anyone else is brave enough!


  1. the portraits are awesome!
    gonna have to check out the new show...

  2. Looks like you both had fun.

  3. I saw the show, Cori, and LOVED it!!! It's my new addiction and can't wait for the next one! How fun you took the challenge yourself. Fabulous and gorgeous paintings of you both =-)

  4. i've never seen it! now that is a reality show i might watch. what fun you had!!

  5. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, lol I've been thanking you on 3 different sites but man I'm just so appreciated that you took the time to do this, I had loads of fun and I'm lucky to have a friend like you :D

  6. Cori, these turned out so cool!! I completely forgot about that show--so thank you for posting about it. I'm DVRing the series--can't wait to see it!

  7. What a fun project Cori and awesome results!


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