Sunday, May 10, 2009

Little Bird Giveaway

Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever remains to them? ~Rose F. Kennedy

I'll be giving this away in a drawing next Sunday for all those who post on my site this week. Each time you post, you'll have another chance to win. (I'll also send a sweet little ACEO to anyone who mentions me on their own blog. Just email me the link.) And don't forget to check out my new Sacred Arts Studio on Art Fire for affordable original artwork! If your email is not available on your profile, please email me or leave it in your message. This is a thank you to all my new blogging friends who keep me painting each day through your kind words! Blessings to you and you and you!


  1. What a gorgeous piece you giving away!

    Just wonderful!

  2. oh wow , this is magic, i will be psoting every day and looking forward to next week...yipppeeeee.

  3. wOw, fabulous work! My favorite part is the picket fence :)

    I'm so happy you found my blog so I could find yours :)

    iN jOy,

    p.s. Your last post is beautiful :)

  4. the mosaic effects...really fantastic..!! Robin

  5. yeah, lets sing more, feel more, be more...

  6. That is stunning. I love the way you have done the background, very individual. Lovely work, great blog.

  7. Hi Cori,

    I came for a sticky-beak after a comment you left on Margaret's blog and I'm so glad I did. I would love a chance to win this lovely piece of art!

    I had a browse through your blog and I love your artwork....I will be back ~ :)

    love, light and peace,

  8. This is lovely Cori. It reminds me of some of the fugal paintings of Paul Klee. I'm thinking in particular of one called 'Dream City,' I think the similarity comes from the way you each capture the fragmented but luminous nature of the night-life.

  9. that's a lovely picture,
    glad you are keeping the inspiration alive.

    you are stunning!

  10. Oh yeah, I added a link to your 'art fire' on my blog right hand column. Thanks for the encouragement to do that! It looks great!

  11. Lovely work. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Sure I will trade ATC's. Pick something out. I will be doing more this week too. I will be checking back here.

  12. Lovely Artwork, will be back again

  13. As I just said (in response to your kind comment at my Place) ...

    "I have enjoyed visiting your handiworks, and painted Expressions {I have scrolled back through many .. and find a lovely Respite in their beauty), But I fear that my tiny place of dwelling would be an unsuitable place of residence for anything so wonderful. I live in (and have 63 years of living, compacted into) a tiny 14X14 one-room cottage. I never have any guests or company (living as a solitary, 'Monkish' person) who would benefit from the wonderful effects of your talents. I thank you, though, for your kind (and altogether tempting) offer."

    I do love You ...

  14. Hi Cori,
    i am glad to know you.
    Thanks for your lovely comment.
    I love the creative checker blue background and the abstract moon with cool splashes on!
    All the best in your current & future undertaking!

  15. This is serene and hopeful! Would make a great stained glass window in a chapel.

  16. Very nice, Cori!
    I have a thing about trees and birds and stained glass windows!
    ...also love the little bird!

    Happy Monday to you too!
    Sorry no sunshine to be found there today...I send from here in New York!! :)

    ~ Calli

  17. Whow...your artwork is so unbelievable.
    Great piece. Love them

  18. Cori, what is amazing to me is your prolific abundance of artwork, and wonderful all. I like all the geometry you employ, juxtaposed to the natural. It is truly lovely.



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