Monday, May 18, 2009


Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie
Which we ascribe to heaven.
~William Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well

This painting is my entry into the Mixed Media Monday weekly challenge. The theme this week is "altered people." I have used full body acrylics, fluid acrylics, paint marker, and molding paste this week.

I am currently taking Alisa Burke's "Graffiti Chic" online painting class. This is style is a real departure from my tight, geometric style and is taking me into a new territory. This style is so different for me I find myself with much less confidence, although the entire point is to be free, loose, and accept mistakes. You'd be surprised how difficult it can be to let go of the inner art critic!

I encourage everyone to check out Alisa's site. She is amazing. A formally trained artist and daughter of two potters, Alisa has lived the art life working in galleries. She stunned everyone when she began cutting up her own paintings to make handbags and other accessories (available on Etsy.)


  1. great depth and color in this piece, it's always fun to be inspired and learn something new....we never quite know where it can lead us

    I will be beginning my first ever on line painting class today (Layer Love with Julie Prichard) and can't wait!

    thanks for the link to ABurke also

  2. I love the colors, layers of shapes and balance you've achieved here. I think it's great! Enjoy your class it sounds like fun!

  3. Wonderful painting. Great background and use of different mediums! Thanks for playing my theme!

  4. Love to see differnet mediums used in this challenge...very inspiring!

  5. Love the movement of this wonderful piece!

  6. amazing piece, cori. great mmm submission.

    yes, the inner critic can cause problems, huh. let's be free, loose, accept our mistakes and laugh together.

  7. Hi Cori...googled you and found your site.
    Thank you for checking out mine.
    Your work is beautiful, meaningful, and has the feel of stained glass.
    Hope we can be in touch,there is so much (like the stamps) that I don't dare elaborate on.
    My email is if you have any questions.
    Glad we "met"

  8. A great message of believeing.
    What a challenge we need to face.
    OK, with faith & believe, we fly high!

  9. i love your submission. the colours are wonderful!

  10. Brilliant! I love the mixture of the earthy colours you used :)

  11. Dreams are like the paints of a great artist.
    Your dreams are you paints,
    The world is your canvas
    BELIEVING is the brush
    that converts your dreams
    into a Masterpiece of Reality

    Blessings to all.....

  12. Your art is so inspirational and beautiful!

  13. Wow, Cori! This is wonderful! Diane

  14. What wonderful art you make! So colourful and full of movement! That class sounds like fun!

  15. so true -- I've been trying to turn off my inner critic too -- it can be so freeing when it works. : )
    I'm enjoying ALL your posts and art! I hope you find peace and fulfillment in your beautiful artwork.
    there's a fun blog that I'm a part of -- it's called "Sketching in Church" I don't know if you go to a church or not but it sure is fun to sketch there -- come join us if you'd like


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