Friday, August 5, 2011

Free Art Friday: Grafitti Art!

Art is not a thing,
it is a way.
~ Elbert Hubbard

Tomorrow evening I'm part of an interactive arts event for teens in Dallas to help combat childhood obesity.  I'm probably not cool enough for the hip hop clublike scene but I'll do my best.  I'll be teaching the kids how to make grafitti books like this. 

This one has lots of cool quotes about art inside and I thought it would make a perfect giveaway for this week!  To enter the drawing, please answer the following question:

What is your favorite artistic medium and why are you drawn to it?

I'll draw a winner next Friday so come on back!

Now for this week's drawing for a little candle plate!

The winner is Elisa, comment #12.

Elisa, please send me your snailmail address to so I can get this off to you! :)

And I just want to say a very special thank you to all of you for sharing such wonderful stories.  If you didn't get a chance to read through them, you can



  1. What a great book! The teens will love it,it's super cool. OH, I mean...sick, boss & beast. ;)Favorite medium? Watercolor!

  2. The book is awesome ~ and I would love to win one ~ know that the teens will love ~ my, girl, you certainly are a 'worker bee' ~ Hope you enjoyed some time off ~ Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^ Carol

  3. Cori, thanks so much! I am so happy that I have won on your giveaway! Rare times! Thanks for your generosity!:) Great book you have created i am sure it's inspiring. To answer your question, my favorite medium is watercolor. And i am drawn to it because i love seeing the colors playing and mixing around creating beautiful texture and sometimes happy accidents.

  4. How did the teen group go? and did you receive my check? ~ namaste,
    Carol ^_^

  5. Pastels - hard lines - soft lines - blend together - take away and just plain and simply get dirty.

  6. can so relate to the worker bee in you is so delicious it's hard to take
    small portions:)
    love your bright vivid style!
    (and mixed media collage is my absolutel favorite)
    (p.s. I tried to "follow" you but it won't seem
    to let me on. I'll try again later....maybe a hiccup)

  7. I found you through BlogFrog. Not really understanding it yet but it led me here which is awesome! I am now following you. Have a great weekend!- Kelly

  8. I've just gotta tell you
    that I tried just this
    and it made my heart turn summersaults
    ...did it because you so inspired me
    Turned on a light inside, it did:)
    much thanks and big love,

  9. Lovely to find you again! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely blog :) Julie


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