Monday, May 3, 2010


At moments of great enthusiasm it seems to me that no one in the world has ever made something this beautiful and important. ~ M.C. Escher

I got the idea for this from a painted parasol tutorial on Alisa Burke's blog. I changed it up a bit by painting the entire parasol like a canvas, spattering, and doing multiple layers of decoration on top. If you haven't stopped by Alisa's page before, do so now! She is an amazing artist and I learned so much from her last spring when I took her Grafitti Chic online art class.

A painted paper parasol probably isn't the most utilitarian item.. but the beauty it brings to a room is a breath of freshness. What are your enthusiastic about today?


  1. This turned out beautiful. I saw that tutorial on Alisa's blog. She has such wonderful, creative ideas!!

  2. It's absolutely stunning! You truly have the gift of color.

    To answer your question I'm enthusiastic about possibility today!! Lots of possibility...

  3. i love this soooooooo much!!!
    it's gorrrrrrrrrrrrgeous!
    our souls need this
    like our bodies need food!
    yummmm. xoxox

  4. Pretty...Would be nice in a photo of you holding it on your shoulder. ;-)

  5. about this parasol!!!!!
    OMG...... it is so pretty!
    If you saw the stick off (not too short) you will have the most wonderful lamp ever!

    I LOVE IT!!!!! The perfect mandala!

  6. Oh wow, beautiful pattern and colors. It would be nice to see you with it :-)

  7. Marianne.. I have been keeping my eye out for lampshades! i've really been wanting to paint one!

    And I'm pretty shy about getting my pic taken... but I guess a parasol would be something I could hide behind!


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