Monday, March 29, 2010


[W]e are all one step away from losing the stories of our lives. I write to remember...It is a strategy for learning. And for determining who and what we are--and who and what we yearn to be. ~Patti Digh, Life is a Verb

Without memories, we have no identity. As a child I could call to mind each and every sensory detail of an experience, and delighted in remembering the scenes of my life. But somewhere in my teens, the joy of remembering was replaced with anxiety and pain. So I began to knowingly forget the details of life. Looking back into the past, the moments of peace and happiness were pushed down by moments of anguish. Now to begin to reclaim my story and recover myself, I have to allow the images of goodness and celebration to grow through the cracks of despair in my mind.

Turning the past in my mind, I see the garden of beauty in life. I see the challenges and difficult experiences as roots to becoming all that I am meant to be...


  1. Cori, this is beautiful. Your painting, your words...I love purple so I was immediately drawn in. And I deeply felt your words as I feel I'm beginning to have roots in my beautiful garden of life. Thank you for sharing this.

    peace, love & heART,

  2. Love your work. It is so unique and creative!
    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog this morning.

  3. Cori
    This is absolutely beautiful. I love your work and I can so relate to the words you have written. Thanks for sharing this one

  4. I had an interesting memory come to me yesterday.
    I was in yoga class and the instructor said to curl the hips so the spine could straighten and stretch out along the floor.
    As I did this I remembered being in the bath tub as a child. As I lie in the tub on my back I could press the the small of my back against the bottom of the tub and then create a vacuum by bending my back - resulting in a "sucking" underwater sound as I bent my back in an arch. The things kids do! Anyhow, it was interesting to me that this yoga pose lying on my back would bring back that memory.
    I don't remember body position invoking a memory often before - but this was one time it did.

    Good to see you posting and commenting Cori!

  5. So beautiful, Cori! Your artwork and your words! Love the color!!!


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